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UI Demos

This is a collection of smaller projects I’ve made with Unity showing mastery of different parts of the UI system.


UI Demos

Bringing interfaces and designs to life is one of my biggest passions as a programmer. I made these demos in Unity to improve my ability to make beautiful and optimized interfaces while maintaining a high level of code readability and quality.



Toy Block Menu

This is a mock game menu I made where a player would input their initials. It uses 3D rendering and physics to give the blocks a realistic look and feel.



Inspired by the nostalgic Microsoft Solitaire, I created a fully functional solitaire game from scratch. My goal was to make the UI animation in the project look and feel very polished and modern, using 3D animation and lighting.


Dating App

This last project mimics the iconic Tinder swiping in a very economical way. It shows how even with minimal graphics, well written code can create a smooth and responsive look.